Due to the current lack of live music that fills your soul to the brim, please accept this album as a gift to you and to the world.

The record was captured at one of our favorite venues on the winter solstice of 2019.  The Goats played one of their best shows to a packed house, their last show before the pandemic hit.  The list of things that made this evening special is far too extensive to mention here.  Professionally mixed and mastered. 

The only place to get this album is here on our website!

Don't miss out on this opportunity, and make sure to tell your friends.  You are our record label.  Can't wait to play for you again in person soon!

Live at Isis Music Hall

Pretty Little Goat

This concert is a unique moment in history, featuring the same lineup as seen at Merlefest, Mountain Song Festival and more in 2019: Josh Carter (Mandolin), Mallory Carter (Washboard), JT Linville (Bass), Owen Grooms (Banjo) and Jackson Dulaney (Steel). Find out why everyone who came to this concert felt so incredibly good afterwards.

Big thanks to Ken Voltz for this great photo from the actual show and to Aaron Aiken for the professional mixing and mastering!

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Excerpt Blue Ridge Now July 17, 2019- by Steve Wong 


By any definition, these four musicians are producing some of the best and most creative roots music to be found anywhere. And, just in case the words “roots music” gives you the impression the music will be old-fashioned or dated, this is your opportunity to take that “chance.”  

Although the music might be rooted in Western North Carolina, these talented musicians make it contemporary and cool and oh-so authentic.

Take my word for it: Pretty Little Goat is always a best bet

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Pretty Little Goat has the unique ability to perfectly blend their own interpretation of old time standards with fresh danceable originals that pay tribute to the roots of the genre. One of the best old time string bands on the scene today!”

— Woody Platt of Steep Canyon Rangers

Fresh, charismatic, energy charged, and immensely fun; Brevard's Pretty Little Goat is one of Western North Carolina's finest young acoustic string bands.”

— Carol Rifkin- award winning musician, journalist and host of WNCW's mountain music show 'This Old Porch'

So you have an opportunity to hear Pretty Little Goat? Do not pass it up! You will be treated to high energy, can't sit still, toe tapping music. The Goats have their own fresh and tasteful arrangements of Old-Time tunes and songs, sprinkled with original compositions. Great musicianship, enjoy!”

— Tommy Anderson- local Old-Time legend

Pretty Little Goat is grassroots music at its finest. The band formed in 2013 through their common grounding in the deep well of local tradition found in the mountains of Western North Carolina. As young lovers of old-time music, Pretty Little Goat began winning string band competitions right away.  Over the last six years the Goats have collaborated with many well respected local musicians including Jamie Laval, Blake Ellege, members of the Steep Canyon Rangers, Jeff Sipe, Jonathan Grey of Jump Little Children and many others.   

Members of the band are dedicated mentors to the next generation of musicians.  Always looking for new and exciting ways to inspire young people, they have been deeply involved in the local JAM (Junior Appalachian Musicians) program, music camps, schools and more. 

Pretty Little Goat sees traditional music is a living art form; vibrant and evolving. Their debut self-titled album released in 2016 presents unique interpretations of old-time songs and tunes along with original material. The Goats' second album, "Let The Sun Shine In," is full of groovy original music that is "as close as we will ever be to our past while being as current as we need it to be" (Mike Ashworth, Steep Canyon Rangers)." 

Pretty Little Goat plays for weddings, private parties, square dances, fundraisers.  Contact us for rates and availability.


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